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Come in and sit a while and enjoy Our Favorite Place's coffee bar.  Located in the back of the Made In Oklahoma art gallery and product store, customers can enjoy a place to sit and relax.



We welcome you to bring your tablets and laptops and enjoy the FREE WIFI! 



Enjoy our popular frozen or hot smoothies - lots of different choices!

Susanne's Chocolate Chip Cookies


While you are there, try a couple of Susanne's famous home made chocolate chip cookies! You will keep coming back for more!

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What something a little more healthy? Try a Fit Frappe -  With 20 grams of protein, less than 1 gram of sugar and only 130 calories!

Our Favorie Place Coffee Mug


We have something for everyone!  Then take home an Oklahoma coffee cup made exclusively for Our Favorite Place!  


Discover Oklahoma 2016

Wednesday, September 19th 2012, 6:00 PM CDT by Craig Day

EUFAULA, Oklahoma - Everyone has their favorite place in Oklahoma.

There's one place where you can experience a little bit of everything Oklahoma has to offer.

It's a unique store in downtown Eufaula where it's all about Oklahoma and Sooner State Pride.

In downtown Eufaula, a little store that opened in June called "Our Favorite Place."

And if you love everything Okie, it could be your favorite place, too.

"Everything we sell is made in Oklahoma," owner Karen Weldin said.

Weldin, who is a realtor, bought a 100-year old building on Main Street, fell in love with it, and now uses what was once a bakery and shoe store for a new business featuring nothing but Oklahoma products.

"I want them to walk in and just be totally amazed and totally wowed and I want it to be a fun, fun place," Weldin said.

It's a lot of fun checking it all out, including the artwork, photography and sculptures.

The store features the work of 34 artists, all Oklahomans.

"I am amazed at the kind of talent that we have in the state of Oklahoma," Weldin said.

There are things like Oklahoma t-shirts, Oklahoma handmade vintage fur bears, Oklahoma books, Oklahoma music, and a lot of Oklahoma food.

"We have everything from microwavable pork rinds, to salsa and barbecue sauces," Weldin said.

Altogether there are 48 different vendors.

Weldin says it's a great way to showcase Oklahoma talent and support our economy.

"It's emotional as well as economical, too," Weldin said. "You know, it's important for people to support the businesses in the state of Oklahoma."

So whether you're interested in some jalapeno asparagus pepper jelly, original pickled garlic nuggets or old-school sorghum, check out "our favorite place" in downtown Eufaula.

Weldin hopes you leave with a little piece of Oklahoma and much more.

"I hope they walk away with that same awareness and appreciation just of the talent and gifted people that we have in this state."

The restaurant also has a coffee and smoothie bar. It's open Monday-Saturday from 10 until 5 and is closed on Sundays.

Listen to the interview with Karen Weldin & Craig Day